Jean-Jaques Paquette LL.B.

Partner - Paquette Renzini

I was attracted to the practice of law because it is a service. An enjoyment of problem solving and a certain dogged attitude to get things done are what made me commit to being a lawyer.

I soon learned that lawyering works best when clients trust their lawyers. Practising for over twenty years with lawyers who have since become judges, I also learned that one earns trust by listening to the client's needs and by responding to those needs in a timely fashion.

In my earlier years of practice, I assisted clients in a broad range of areas including real estate, criminal, personal injury, breach of contract and family matters. I found that I could best serve my clients in the areas of family, real estate and estate matters.

I enjoy representing my client and advocating for what my client needs. My court work has been extensive over the years. Persuading judges, lawyers and clients has been a passion. The best persuasion is based on trust, understanding and respect.

Family law is a very broad area of law, and that suits my personality. It deals with contracts, agreements, expectations between family members and expectations of society. It addresses conflict, and when properly done, family law can bring out the best in people. Lately, I have also been fascinated by the power of collaboration and the solutions clients can bring to their own situations when they are afforded a fair chance.

Through family law, I can help my client assure his or her place within the restructured family and meet the goals of financial stability and security. My work gives me the opportunity to improve on the lives of family members and to bring them peace and a positive future.